Pair of Chic Hollywood Regency Marbro Brass Lamps

Pair of Chic Hollywood Regency Marbro Brass Lamps


Pair of heavy Marbro brass lamps. Original tags. Marbro was founded by Morris Markoff and his brother, hence the name Marbro for 'Mar'koff 'Bro'thers. They started the company shortly after WWII. The company was located in a 3 story brick building in the garment district of Los Angeles. Marbro sold their products mainly through interior designers and a few upscale furniture stores. Most of the components that made up the lamp bodies (ceramic, brass, glass, etc) were purchased from small companies around the world. In the later years almost all of the brass came from India. For the most part, none of the bodies were made on site. Marbro was well-known for importing a variety of unique lighting components from all over the world. Italy was the source for alabaster, Japan and China for Porcelain, Brass in India and Crystal from Germany and France. Once the lamp bodies arrived, a group of Marbro employees would make the wood bases, spin the metal caps, make the shades, and do the painting and tinting. With the help of about 20-40 other true world class artisans, metal workers, finishers and hand made shade makers, they produced lamps and shades that were truly some of last of their kind of art. For example, Marbro brass was never just plain brass. It was stained with a tinting that was homemade and kept secret by the company which is reminiscent of the Handel Lamp Co. of the early 1900’s. There were quite a few of these preparations all kept in one of those little metal boxes on a 3x5” file card just like a recipe. It was truly a unique method of making lamps. The manufacturing plant was closed in Los Angeles in December 1990 and the inventory and equipment were moved to LaBarge Mirrors in Holland, Michigan. At the time LaBarge Mirrors was a Masco Corp subsidiary. Some time later, the Marbro product line was discontinued. Eventually, Masco sold most of their home furnishings manufacturing holdings. Marbo assembled a very talented, experienced and unique group of artists and craftsmen and many of their fine lamps exhibit a certain unique signature style. Many of Marbro lamps are commonly referred to as “Hollywood Regency” style. Today their lamps are collectible and sought after especially by certain knowledgeable collectors who are familiar with the company's lamps and history.

These lamps are in excellent condition. They have been professionally rewired. UL listed. They can be used directly in a project with your choice of shades.

H 36 in. x Dm 10 in.

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